Park Lovers Tour

Park Lovers Tour

Visit the most beautiful parks in Croatia!

A specially created tour for park lovers that will walk you through the most beautiful parks of Croatia!


Arrive at the Zagreb airport. Transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. In the morning, enjoy a private tour of the important sites of Zagreb. Zrinjevac Park, the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts, the Botanical Gardens, Marulic Square, and Republic Square, and its important landmarks of Zagreb: the Mimara Museum, the Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb University, and Maksimir Park. Enjoy a short funicular ride to the Upper Town – a totally different and enchanting Zagreb with its architecture from the 15th and 16th centuries. At the Lotrscak Tower, a cannon is fired at noon every day, letting everyone know lunchtime has arrived! See St. Catherine’s Square and St. Mark’s Square with the Houses of Parliament and Government and St. Mark’s Church. Walk through the Stone Gate, a remnant of the fortified medieval city walls, down to Radićeva Street and Dolac, Zagreb’s biggest and most picturesque open-air market in the city. Continue towards Tkalciceva Street, a pedestrian zone where locals enjoy their daily coffee in cafés and bars.  In the afternoon, you are free to explore Zagreb on your own. The Botanical Garden is part of the Faculty of Science at Zagreb University and was founded in 1889. It is protected as a monument of landscape architecture, as well as culture. Most of the garden is constructed in the landscape style, with groups of trees and bushes planted as if they were in their natural habitat. The central flower area is built in the French style, according to a strictly geometrical and symmetrical ground plan. Maksimir Park, which was originally formed on the outskirts of Zagreb at the end of the 18th and the first half of the 19th century, today finds itself surrounded by Zagreb’s new urban settlements. Nevertheless, it still provides a safe habitat for many plant and animal species, despite its relatively small size (only 316 hectares).  Maksimir Park is home to more than one hundred bird species of which hole-nesting birds are the most interesting species.


Today we visit Exotic King Greenhouse in Bistra near Zagreb and see how exotic fruits and vegetables are grown. After the walk in the greenhouse, there will be a short presentation. Return to Zagreb. Free time for your own arrangements.


Hrvatsko Zagorje is a region of undulating hills north of Zagreb. Leave the hotel in the morning. Our first stop is in Varaždin, a town of exhibitions, fashion, and students; a town that exudes a contemporary lifestyle. It is most proud of the historic Old Town, its palaces, churches, and monasteries dating back to different periods from the Baroque to Art Nouveau. Varazdin’s Town Hall is one of the oldest in Europe. Visit Varaždin cemetery, a place of tranquility due to its lush botanic species of birch trees, flowers, grass, and proud cypress trees and their delicate play of lights and shadows. The people of Varaždin love walking through the cemetery and use it as a park as well. Continue on to Trakošćan. It is one of the most attractive castles in Croatia situated above a fairytale lake. The castle was the property of the Counts Drašković, who were well-respected noblemen in feudal times. The castle is a perfect harmony of nature and architecture. It is located on a hill with a garden within a park-forest and it is top-notch cultural and natural heritage. Visit the museum’s extensive exhibition and stroll down to the lake. In the afternoon, we will visit Veliki Tabor. Veliki Tabor is a fortress and museum in northwest Croatia that dates back to the 12th century. The castle gained its present-day appearance in the 16th century. Finally, we will stop for a short visit to Samobor, where we will take a short walk around this picturesque little city and return to Zagreb.


In the morning, depart for Plitvice Lakes. The Plitvice Lakes complex was registered on UNESCO’s List of World Natural Heritage sites in 1979. Densely-wooded mountains hide sixteen smaller and larger lakes, interconnected by foaming cascades and waterfalls. Sightseeing of the National Park. Return to Zagreb. Overnight stay.      


Transfer to the Zagreb airport for your flight home.

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