Museum Hopping

Museum Hopping


An amazing experience for museum lovers – dive into the cultural heritage of the Šibenik archipelago – a destination with 249 islands and the oldest town on the Adriatic coast!


Arrive in Šibenik. Meet with a local guide for a City tour of Šibenik, the oldest town on the Adriatic coast. A visit to the famous cathedral of St. James, one of the most beautiful and the most important renaissance monuments in Croatia (part of UNESCO's world heritage). As part of the introduction to the Šibenik County and the abundance of its cultural heritage, we will visit the Medieval Mediterranean Garden at the St. Lawrence Monastery. Overnight stay in Šibenik.

DAY 2 – The islands of Zlarin and Prvić – Šibenik archipelago

Exploring the Šibenik archipelago and some less-known small museums that present the rich culture and tradition as part of the national heritage.
The Šibenik archipelago includes 249 islands. Only 6 of them are inhabited and all present unrevealed cultural and natural treasures and tell great stories of how locals still live off the land and the sea.

Cruise on a traditional handmade wooden boat through the archipelago and visit the islands of Zlarin and Prvić.

The Museum of Corals (the island of Zlarin). During the workshop, visitors can see and even experience the procedure of processing raw coral and making jewelry on their own.

The Faust Vrančić Memorial Center (the island of Prvić), dedicated to the life and work of distinguished scientist and inventor Faust Vrančić, the author of many lexicographical, philosophical, and poetic works.

Upon returning to Šibenik by boat, stop at the enchanting St. Michael's Fortress.

DAY 3 – the islands of Krapanj and Murter

Exploring the islands of Šibenik County. Board the boat and cruise to the small island of Krapanj. The island of Krapanj is the lowest and the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic. It is known for its centuries-old tradition of diving, sponge harvesting and processing, and fishing.
Visit the Sponge gallery and Diving museum and learn all about the long tradition of diving and sponge harvesting in that area. Also, visit the Church of the Holy Cross with the monastery and the museum. In the church is a crucifix made of olive wood brought from Jerusalem in 1523.

Return to Šibenik and transfer to the island of Murter, which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. In the village of Betina visit the Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, winner of the award for Best European Museum of 2018.                                 

Return to Šibenik and stay the night.

DAY 4 – Vransko Lake Nature Park and Maškovića Han

Visit the Dubrava Falconry Center, located in a forest near Šibenik, and experience the unique opportunity of seeing these fascinating birds up close. Learn all about the long tradition of cultivating these incredible sky hunters.

Drive to the northern part of Šibenik to visit Vransko Lake Nature Park, also the largest lake in Croatia. The special feature of the park is a unique ornithological reserve. While walking on the wooden educational path, learn about the diversity of wetlands, many birds, and other animal species that live in this area.

On the way to the beautiful Kamenjak viewpoint, make a stop to visit one moresmall, but significant museum. Visit the Maškovića Han Museum and archaeological site, a spectacular monument of secular Turkish architecture in Western Europe.

Return to the hotel in Šibenik for an overnight stay.

DAY 5 - departure

After breakfast, departure transfer to the airport.

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