Roman Paths

Walk the Roman paths, explore the remains of ancient cities and fortifications. Capture the past in present time.

Roman Emperors Route Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik

On this amazing 8-day tour, you will have a chance to follow in the footsteps of Roman Emperors and see Dubrovnik and its amazing city walls, Split and the well-known Palace of Diocletian, enchanting Plitvice Lakes, Zagreb, a city with a million hearts, Zadar, a city of exceptional history, and other treasures of Croatia!

Roman Emperors Route Split - Split

On this 8-day tour, you will have the chance to follow the route of roman emperors and visit Split – a city with a 1700-year old tradition, Dubrovnik and its magnificent walls, the historical town of Mostar, the enchanting Plitvice Lakes, and other treasures of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Roman emperors route

This 11-day tour will take you to SERBIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, CROATIA, and MONTENEGRO and give you a chance to see the best of these amazing countries, their exceptional history, rich cultural heritage, and natural beauty!

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